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Kyiv and Kyiv region
About Comfort Properties
Comfort Properties brings together real estate owners and international investors, giving them the opportunity to earn additional income from leasing their property in Kyiv and the Kyiv region. The driving force of our community is the hosts, which give tenants a unique opportunity to get round-the-clock support from Comfort Properties. This ensures loyalty of tenants and increases their lease term.
We offer different formats of cooperation
Our main goal is to maximize profits from real estate sales
Property Management
- Landlord / Tenant relations.
- Manage inspections.
- Manage complaints & requests from tenants.
- Manage cleaning of the property.
- Suggest improvements to increase the value and desirability of your property.
- Manage painting or repainting of the property.
- Provide yearly reporting.
- Management of lease registration and renewals.
- In addition, if desired - reporting to the tax service.
Service cost: Apartments and offices: is paid monthly and is equal to 10% of the monthly rental fee paid by the Tenant, but no less than 100$/month. Houses: 10% of the monthly rental fee, but no less than 200$/month.
Tenant Search
The service may be ordered in addition to the Property Management Services.
- Marketing and advertising.
- Tenant screening.
- Rental contracts and documentation.
- Screening contractors.
- Suggest improvements to increase the value and desirability of your property.
Service cost: is 50% of one's month's rent payable upon signing a long-term rental contract
Investment Opportunities
Advisers on investing in real estate in Kyiv and Kyiv region. Providing information on the most profitable investment in real estate according to your budget.
Service cost: 50$

Earn Extra Income with Comfort Properties!

Rent out your real estate in Kyiv and accumulate your savings even when you are abroad. Invest in new projects or simply allow yourself a nice trip to the other countries. Ready to earn?
Our advantages
Every day we work to make our clients' life better and happier
We work in the real estate market since 2006. We have a long experience in leasing real estate, technical and financial management of real estate and cooperation with non-residents.
Round-the-clock online support provided by your property manager. Every month, you receive a financial and technical report in your private .
We are interested in renting real estate to respectable tenants and for the longest term of the lease, because, unlike the standard real estate agency, we receive income for the management service during the period of the lease agreement.

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